Art United started as a concept developed by Petra Jordan and Andy Smeets in 2004. Motivated by the offer of an exhibit of his art in Houston, Texas, Andy was looking for inspiration for his paintings and asked Petra if he could use one of her songs as a motive. She felt honored and named the concept "Art United" - as in uniting two different artforms.

After more thought, Petra and Andy decided that he would make a painting for each of the songs that will be published on her debut album.

Later they asked Simona Kuchler if she'd like to design clothes for their performances and she agreed. They started thinking of connecting various artistic fields and accepting more members into Art United.

Soon Riso, Art United Legal Rep, helped out with his photos, and ideas how to bring it closer to the people. Jaro made the logo, posters for concerts, CD covers for Petra's demo. That's how they put down the foundations.

Art United website is constantly expanding and developing to meet the needs of a growing community. Stay tuned with us to see how the future unfolds!